Activities in the field of defense industry

These activities include the overhaul-, middle stage- and as-required repairing and technical inspection of different missiles and missile systems, fire control systems, radars and other additional equipment, furthermore the development and modernization of the above mentioned devices.

The missiles and missile systems can be classified into two main groups:

  • Air defense - Volhov (SA-2), Nyeva (SA-3), Krug (SA-4), Kub (SA-6), Sztrela-1 (SA-7), Sztrela-2 (SA-9), Igla (SA-16)
  • Antitank - Maljutka (AT-3), Fagot (AT-4), Konkurszk (AT-5)

The radars concerning their field of application:

  • Long range surveillance - P-37, P-18, P-14, P-15, P-19, SZT-68U
  • Height-finding - PRV-16, PRV-17
  • Meteorological - RVZ-1, RMSZ-1
  • Approach - RSZP-7, RSZP-10
  • Infantry - PSZNR-5

Types of auxiliary devices:

  • Different kind of special checking and test equipment
  • Topo-navigational instruments
  • Laser range-finders
  • Cranes
  • Compressors

The HM Arzenal Co. has continuously been performing the life cycle extension (technical inspection) of guided and non-guided missiles since 1997 for the Hungarian Army and other Customers.