M.o.D. ARZENÁL Electromechanical Stock Company
Central Measuring Laboratory

The Central Measuring Laboratory has been operating within the frameworks of the M.o.D. ARZENÁL Co. for more than 40 years (since 1966). Previously, it was the number one calibration/validation laboratory of its predecessor and for the Hunarian Army and its main task was the precision control of electronic measuring equipment, which included the calibration of pressure and temperature gauges.
The main requirement was the calibration of the measuring equipment, which were used for the repair of military devices and the repair of measuring equipment of the military devices, that was sent to the repairing base. Nowadays, these equipment must comply with the requirements of the quality management systems. (ISO, AQAP)

The laboratory is continuously functioning as an accredited laboratory since 1992, and it is open to civil orders. It is currently working in the accredited status - in 15 measurement areas - under the supervision of the National Accreditation Authority (NAA). The main requirement for it is the successful review.
The main areas of measuring (see it in the summary table) covers pressure, temperature and electrical measurements. Electrical measurement covers different measuring types from dc measurements to high-frequency measurements. The metering professionals of the lab have about 35-40 years experiences, and they also acquired the necessary knowledge for measuring of specific military equipment.

Receipt places of measuring equipment:
                         4461 Nyírtelek, Dózsa György út 121. Telephone: (42) 210-555*/7399
                         2100 Gödöllő, Dózsa György út 59-61. Telefon: (06-20) 449-9737