Central-European Maverick Logistical Depot

The M.o.D.ARZENÁL Co. opened the depot in 2008, together wiht Raytheon Missile Systems (USA) at our premise in Nyírtelek.
Our company has the capability to perform medium repairs on Maverick AGM-65G and AGM-65H missiles and seeker heads in accordance with all applicable laws of the United States, under the supervision of the Raytheon Missile Systems.

Maverick AGM-65G and AGM-65H seeker heads (GCS)

Maverick mobile test station with optical test system

Medium repair includes the followings:

  • Opening of the seeker head
  • Inspection, troubleshooting and repair (electronic circuit - panel - replacement level)
  • Adjustment and cleaning of GCS gimbal potentiometers
  • control of leakage, vacuuming of the head, filling with dry nitrogen
  • performing GCS tests