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Proceeding for paralell monitoring of different type of radiolocators, separation equipment for radiolocator and indicator.
Patent, 18th January 1995. OTH registration number: 201796
Evaluator equipment for radar signals. Utility model protection, 19th September 1995, OTH registration number: 762
Utility model protection, 13th October 1995, OTH registration number: 809


Genius '96 award was donated by the Association of Hungarian Inventors for the Development of the Raster Scan Workstation (22th March 1996)
House of Hungarian Quality Award was donated by the Hungarian Society for Quality for the Development of the Automatic Radar Extractor. (4th November 2002)


The MoD Defence Economy Deputy Secretary said thank you for the employees of the MoD ARZENÁL Co. because of their cooperation in the Balti 2005 integrated air defense cooperation practices and anti-aircraft missile shooting practice and because of the perfect working of the equipment, which were modernized by Arzenál (3rd August 2005).
The commander of the Hungarian Defence Force 12 Arrabona Air Defense Missile brigade said thank you for the employees of the MoD ARZENÁL Co. because they greatly contributed to the success of the air defense missiles with their modernized equipments. (8th September 2006)