Life cycle extension of missiles

HM Arzenál Co. performs continuously the life cycle extension of guided and non-guided missiles for the Hungarian Army and other Customers since 1997. Theoretically the inspections are based on reaction kinetics and Arrhenius Svante-equation. Legal control is fulfilled according to MSZ K 1023 (CT CEB B 0100-90) military standards.
Inspection procedure consists of two main parts.
These are the on-site inspections and the destructive tests

On-site inspections

  • Number of checked samples ~10%
  • Inspection of technical status, operability and statistical reliability is performed according to the Operation Instruction
  • Checking the state of storing chests and the storing order
  • Visual inspection of storing chests
  • Checking of records
  • Sampling
  • Visual inspection of the missile taken off the chest
  • Inspection of the missile with the introduced checking device
  • Checking the availability and status of the technical support devices
  • Monitoring the operator's preparedness
  • Recording, results- and data processing
  • Reliability analysis, determination of expiry year
Destructive tests
  • Number of checked samples ~2%, but at least 3 pieces
  • Sampling
  • Acceptance test, accelerated ageing, dismounting
  • Inspection of the warhead
  • Inspection of warhead operation
  • Inspection of warhead explosives
  • Inspection of rocket motor propellant
  • Inspection of rocket motor operation
  • Inspection of ignition device
  • Inspection of initiator and tracer elements
  • Inspection of power sources
  • Inspection of control system units
  • Recording, conclusions, expertise and proposals

Missile types in case of which HM Arzenál Co has executed the life cycle extension:

  • Antitank - 9M14P1, 9M17P, 9M111, 9M113, 9M114
  • Air defense - 3M8, 3M9ME, 9M31, 9M32, 9M313-1
  • Airborne - R27R1, R73E, SZ5K, KO, KP, M, MO