The M.o.D. ARZENÁL Co. was founded on 1st April 1992 by the Ministry of Defence as an only owner, to continue the work of its predecessor that was found in 1963. The aim of its foundation was to repair the air defense devices of the homeland and to extend its profile according to market demand.

Our premise can be found in the eastern region of the country, about 250 km far from Budapest and it can be reached through the M3 motorway.
The M.o.D. ARZENÁL Co. has an own siding rail with two truck loader. The areas of the buildings are 15.000 m2, 7.000 m2 of the assembly hall is equipped with rail cranes and 400 m2 is an air-conditioned laboratory.

There is a 45 years history of the overhaul, manufacturing of spare parts and continuous improvement of the air-defense devices. The main tasks of our predecessor were the repair of missiles and radar technology devices and the related military technical devices with an exclusive right. The overhaul, middle-stage and as-required repair of these devices were performed in the premise of the M.o.D. ARZENÁL Co. Furthermore different kinds of training devices were improved and manufactured.

During the past few years, many new devices were developed and produced by M.o.D. ARZENÁL Co.
The aim of the M.o.D. ARZENÁL Co. was to expand its civilian services and as a result, our company has developed a wide range of outdoor safety technology devices since 1978. New equipment are being continuously developed, according to the special market demands.
Today, we have over 350 reference works, with the devices of the M.o.D ARZENÁL Co.. In this field, we are at the disposal of the customers from designing to after sales services.

To expand our offers, the M.o.D ARZENÁL Co. has been engaged in manufacturing of hospital technology equipment since 1993. Our manufacturing workshop also performs subcontracting activities for foreign and domestic civilian customers.