Design and implementation of professional security systems

The HM Arzenál Electromechanical Ltd. has been dealing with design and implementation of different security-, defense systems and complete security areas for 30 years. We built up integrated security systems with complex intuitive interface from modern subsystems.

The main feature of the security systems implemented by M.o.D. ARZENÁL Co is long lifetime. We have installed many systems that works reliably for over 20 years.

We undertake the installation of complex security systems for institutions with increased security requirements. For example: financial institutions, prisons, hospitals, schools or industrial facilities.

Our company is dealing not only with direct installation of security systems, but with the architectural, building engineering, electrical engineering as a prime contractor, where qualified subcontractors are associated.

For example, we implemented the complex contructions of the Server site at the Cabinet Office. We carried out the architectural works, installation of mechanical protection, electric power supply and heating and air conditioning systems, as well as the fire and building safety protection.

We built the NATO filing office for the M.o.D. , the Hungarian Army, various ministries and large industrial companies, furthermore we also performed the development of radiation protected (Tempest) offices and coding offices.

We were the first to develop the method of building mechanical protection elements according to the NATO CTS and NATO TS requirements. We also produce the elements of mechanical protection (grid walls, security doors, windows, etc.).

Beyond mechanical protection, our company has built up rooms protected against radiated and conducted radio-frequency interception.

The unique speciality of our company is the design and implementation of Integrated Security Systems based on large scale computer networked communication technologies (IP technology).

Our activities covers almost the entire range of the security systems:

  • outdoor intrusion detection systems
  • access control system
  • camera surveillance system
  • burglar alarm system
  • mechanical protection
  • built in fire alarm and extinguishing systems
  • person and baggage control systems

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